We will look into an almost free 100% organic fertilizer

Cum pesticide formula developed by the National Centre for Organic Farming, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. We will also show you how to make the most powerful DIY micronutrient loaded organic fertilizer using this product.

All that’s coming up! Currently. About 2 billion metric tons of waste are produced annually worldwide. And only about 5 percent of this is recycled for composting. This means the waste is not managed properly and instead either dumped or openly burnt which can be really biohazardous.

To problem, NCOF, ministry of Agriculture, India, developed a great product which is a consortium of micro-organisms, mainly azotobacter isolated from desi cow dung. So,  This is called WASTE DECOMPOSER. This is perhaps the world’s cheapest biofertilizer and biopesticide made to date.

This product comes in a bottle of 30 gms costing just 20 INR per bottle, that’s less than 20 cents for international viewers and you need to buy only once because you can easily reproduce or do mass multiplication of this product and use it repeatedly forever.

A single bottle of waste decomposer decomposes bio-waste of more than 10000 metric tons in just 30 days and this bottle has a shelf life of 3 years. This is unbelievable. So, Where to purchase this waste decomposer bottle? I can order online from the NCOF website or even amazon and these links are given in the description below.

International users can possibly import this product. Now let’s learn how to use Waste Decomposer? The first thing you should do is perform mass multiplication of waste decomposer. There is nothing sophisticated about it. It’s really a simple process.

I will show you step by step

Take a Large Plastic Barrel like this one, preferably a 200 liters container. You can take even 100 liters or whatever you have. Fill this drum with water. Now add 2 kilograms of Jaggery for 200 liters of water or 1 kilogram for 100 liters. This is the food for these microorganisms.

Now take 1 bottle of waste decomposer and pour all its contents. Make sure you avoid direct contact with its contents with bare hands. Mix it thoroughly using any stick or any pipe. Then cover the container with a cloth. You need to open this daily and stir the solution once in 24 hours.

After 5 days or max 7 days depending on the climate, this solution turns creamy which means now you have 200 liters of water decomposer ready to use. We will discuss the uses of this solution shortly. To restart mass multiplication, now you don’t need to buy a waster decomposer again.

After use, Just leave around 20 liters of this solution in the barrel and add water again, then add jaggery again and repeat the procedure to maintain this forever. Now let’s discuss The Various uses of this waste decomposer: 1. SEED TREATMENT: Simply spray or sprinkle waste decomposer solution uniformly over the seeds.

You can even soak the seeds if you are doing this on a large scale. This works on all types of seeds. Keep the treated seeds in shade for about 30 minutes and then plant the seeds. Seed treatment with waste decomposer shows 98% early and uniform germination and provides protection against various seed-borne diseases and also plays a role in strengthening the plant’s defense mechanisms.

2. FERTILIZER AND SOIL TREATMENT: Watering with waste decomposer solution significantly changes the biological as well as the physical properties of all types of soil within 21 days of application and it also helps to generate earthworm population in the soil which is so beneficial.

You can dilute the waste decomposer in a 1:2 ratio with water

Which is one part waste decomposer to 2 parts water, and water your plants once every 15 days or even once in a month. It is proven to control many soil-borne diseases in crops. 3. FOLIAR SPRAY: It acts as a potent biopesticide when sprayed on plants.

You need to dilute it to a 1:3 ration to use it as a foliar spray. This helps control a variety of fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases in crops when sprayed once in 10 days for 4 times in the growth cycle of a crop. 4. COMPOSTING: This is a compost accelerator and your compost will be ready within 30 to 40 days depending on the type of waste used for composting.

For the conventional pile method of composting, you need to sprinkle waste decomposer for every layer of compost and maintain the basics of aerobic composting like maintaining moisture, aeration by turning the compost pile, and stuff like that. You can check my 4 episode series on composting from a link in the description below.

If you do compost at home on small scale, you can sprinkle waste decomposer solution once or twice and get that compost ready within 30 to 40 days. Now, Let’s prepare the DIY micronutrient-rich organic fertilizer using this waste decomposer, as recommended by the national center for organic farming.

The basic principle of making this micronutrient fertilizer is: Adding foods that are rich in proteins, vitamins, and major and minor elements including Nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, boron, and so on.

Adding these into the waste decomposer results in the breakdown of these elements into soluble forms by the microorganisms, enzymes, and organic acids present in the waste decomposer. Well, now let’s prepare this fertilizer and learn how to use this for your plants.

First of all

Things You Need: We will prepare this in around 25 liters of waste decomposer solution. Do not worry too much about the quantity and overdosage. This is not a problem with organic fertilizers.

1. At least 3 varieties of Oilseeds like 100 gms each of sunflower seeds, mustard seeds, flax seeds, or any other like soya, castor oil seeds, nigella seeds, or any 3 varieties. 2. 3 varieties of Pulses or lentils of your choice like Red Lentil (Masoor Dal), Yellow or Green split gram (Moong dal), Bengal gram (Chana dal), You can also take Red gram (Arhar dal), Black gram (urad dal) and so on.

3. Some 4 to 5 old iron nails or any small pieces of junk iron stuff. 4. Some copper source – like some old copper wires extracted from wires lying in your junkyard or any old copper vessel if you have one. 5.

Firstly, powder these seeds and pulses, this helps in faster decomposition. Add these into 25 liters of waste decomposer. Now add iron nails, then copper wires, then the zinc source. Mix it well and leave it for 10 days. Do not forget to stir this once daily. After 10 days, your potent nutrient-rich organic fertilizer is ready.

So, How do we use this? You can use it in 2 ways. One, as a liquid fertilizer to water your plants and secondly as a foliar spray to instantly feed your plants through leaves stomata. For watering your plants, you need to dilute this to 1:5. That is one part of this liquid to 5 parts of water.

Whereas for foliar feed, you can dilute this to 1:10 and spray thoroughly on your plants including the undersides of your leaves, because the stomata or the leaf openings are more concentrated at the bottom side of leaves. So, there you have it. Please like, share, and comment below with your feedback and queries. Happy Gardening!

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