Makeup Collection & Storage | Vanity Tour 2020-21

Makeup Collection & Storage Vanity Tour 2020-21

I hope you’re all doing really, really well

Today’s is going to be a very, very highly requested, my makeup collection and my vanity tour. Now ever since I started this, You guys want to see the OG s, right? Like footwear collection, like makeup collection, bag collection, all of that. So I thought, you know what? Let us dive into it and let us see what all is there in my makeup collection.

I don’t have a lot of things, but whatever I do, I use it all very nice and I love all the things that I have honestly. So if you guys like something, I will try to leave all the links down below, however many links I find, and then you can hopefully buy it for yourself. Without further ado, let’s see what is in this makeup collection. Okay, so this is how my dressing table looks.

I’ve got a lot of stuff going on right over here. These two magazines that I just kept because they looked good right now. But in general, I don’t keep that. I usually have makeup spread all over. Now, I don’t have a lot of makeup, as I said, but whatever little I do, I do love that. Absolutely. So the first thing right over here is this mirror that I bought from Miniso.

This is a kiwi bird, that is the national bird of New Zealand. My dad got this for me when he came back to India from New Zealand. He does work there. By the way, if you guys have any questions about him, they should answer that. And then we have this candle from Bath and Body Works. I absolutely love Bath and Body Works products.

And this one is the Rose and Vanilla Aromatherapy. You guys have no idea it smells like heaven. Next up, we have this body lotion from Victoria’s Secret. A friend of mine gifted this to me, and I like it. It smells delicious. This we actually got when we were traveling to a hill station. I don’t remember where exactly. These were growing all over the place throughout the drive. So we just picked up them and I put it in this very pretty white vase.

All right. So this is one of my favorite sections of all time

Now, right over here I have this hairbrush and I have some makeup brushes that I hardly ever use. So they are just kept over there. Right here I have all of my face brushes. Right here We have some eye shadow brushes. So you can see they’re very, very fine and they work perfectly well for eye shadow application. This is my setting spray from Estee Lauder. And I have this lipstick.

This is the Mac Velvet Teddy my absolute go-to. And then right over here, I have this Ittar that my friend got from Lucknow. I have some essential oils that I use sometimes. This is the L’oreal Paris Crystal Micro Essence. Again, I’ve been trying it out for quite some time. And then right here it’s my Clinique Moisture Surge. Here I have 2 serums. Serums that I use all the time.

This tray actually came during Diwali. There were a lot of sweets in it, but I just kind of removed all of those and used it as my makeup tray. Now my dressing table has quite a lot of drawers right over here and then it has another drawer right over here. So we’re going to start off with these drawers. In the first draw, er I have all of my face makeup. Now, I haven’t cleaned up any drawers just to film this. This is how it is. And it’s supernatural and as raw as it could be.

So we’re going to start with this section. All of my concealers kept right over here. This was actually a makeup brush pouch, but I just used it for concealers. And then I have this little tray right over here again. This was a Mithai box, that I reused. This has my foundations and this one is a CC Cream that I use on an everyday basis. And this is a duo-stick that I’ve honestly not used too much.

But my bronzer, beauty blender, all of my primers. Some bindis because, you know, I can’t live without Indian wear and Indian wear looks best with Bindis. I have these sheets that are amazing. If you have oily skin you can just use these. It’s blotting paper and then we have this makeup cleansing brush.

Then I have this blush and this is a blush cum highlighter

And again a highlighter, so highlighter blush going on over here. A lot of loose powders, again a blush, loose powders. And again, so this was basically like my everyday stuff, things that I need, you know, whenever I’m shooting stuff like that. Let’s move on to the second drawer now.

The second drawer has my eye applications stuff and the lips, so for the eyes, these are all of my eye shadow palettes. I have a lot of them and I am super proud of my collection. I use most of them all the time, so there’s nothing I can get rid of. And then here I have some eyebrow pencils, mascaras. I have like a lot of mascara, a lot of eyeliner, kajal. So it’s all kept over here.

Basically, eyewear stuff, and then here I have some falsies. Again, I don’t really apply falsies too often, but they are just kept there. Some lash glue, some lip gloss as well. These are some loose eyeshadows. And this is my go-to serum, I keep it inside because when I keep it outside right over here, people just end up taking it from me.

This is one of my favorites. It’s worked amazingly well for me. And then let’s talk about my lipsticks. I keep one of my lipsticks in this box. Again, this wasn’t a box for makeup. It was some other box that I just repurposed as a box of lipsticks. I mostly have nudes, right? So the best ones I like – Nykaa’s Bombay.

And then as I showed you guys Mac Velvet Teddy, that’s kept right over here. And then I do have a few more. This one is from Maybelline. I have a lot of lipsticks okay, we can do an entire lipstick collection some other time. Alrighty then, moving on to the third drawer, this has these extensions that I bought from Nish Hair.

These are basically bangs

So we’ll show you some other day. But I have all of my pouches, pouches for makeup, pouches for traveling, some wallets, just extra stuff that I need all the time, and especially makeup pouches because I used to travel a lot before the pandemic and I hopefully will travel a lot after the pandemic.

I also have some of these in here. I will show it to you in a while. But these are all of my pouches and things to carry trinkets, some wallets. So whenever I want to switch things up, it’s easy to find the right over here. Jumping on to this drawer. This one is my absolute favorite. I feel like I’m saying that for all drawers. But let’s have a look. So here I have all mine. nail paints.

Now I love new colors, but I also love shimmery. I also love polka dots I love all sorts of colors. So they’re all just lying in here. If you want a complete nail paint collection, do let me know. These are just cotton pads, so we’ll just excuse these. But I have a whole manicure kit. This my best friend in I think in 8th grade gifted to me, her dad got it from America and it’s actually pretty funny.

It’s super cute as well. So, you know, you can do your manicure when you’re at home. And then also these are fake nails you can just slip these on. I mean, you can paste these on. And here is the glue to paste it. Oops. Yeah. Here is the glue to paste your fake nails. Over here, I also have some packaging I haven’t had the heart or the courage to throw these out right now, my Estee Lauder settings spray packaging.

I absolutely love benefit packaging and Benefit packaging is like, honestly, a classic. This is a Santa hat that I got for a shoot. It was for the Times of India and we were doing a Christmas makeup shoot. So I just got this. Then we have some products that are finished. But again, I absolutely love these products. They might want to get the same shade.

I might want to get the same product

So, you know, they’re just lying up in here. And then lastly, we have all of my hair appliances. Now, I do use the Dyson most often, but I did use this straightener from Vega. I use the curler from Vega. We have an extension cable just in case I want to film outside or something. And then we have an umbrella and a shopping bag, that’s a foldable shopping bag. Again, my dad got this. My mom bought this.

This one’s from Switzerland, by the way. I absolutely love this. I love Switzerland and I cannot wait to go again. All right. Now, let’s move on to this drawer. This is the one that we left. This, again, has a lot of makeup pouches. It also has some trinkets, some souvenirs, some games that I like to play with friends. Oh, by the way, I do have this puzzle that I used to play as a kid.

And now whenever my friends come over, we just like to play this and we like to solve this puzzle. If any of you have solved this, can you please help me out? Because I absolutely can’t do it myself. And then I have all of these pouches. As I said, a lot of travel pouches, makeup pouches, bags that I need all the time. And because the festive season is near, I also got these candles that are right over here.

Over here I have just a little something that I made a while back. This was actually, I made this in the year 2008 and I made it on my birthday. And this is a phone holder but now my phone doesn’t fit in it. So I’ve just kept it over here. Then again, I have some trinkets, just in case I need them during shoots and stuff. That’s about it. Oops. Alrighty! Now for the most interesting bit- right over here. To start off with This is where I keep all of my extra PR.

Now I get a lot of stuff from brands and I’m super grateful, but I don’t have to use everything at the same time. I get duplicate moisturizers, I get duplicate face washes. So I just keep everything that I’m not using at the moment here. And then when old things get over, I try out new things and I update you guys. Right over here, I have this cloth, this I usually use to clean up my entire dressing table. And then we have this box that is empty.

 But I do want to fill this up

If you guys have any ideas as to what I can do with this box because I love the cover. I love the whole teal and pink going on and of course, gold. And that’s such a lovely combination. So if you have any ideas for this, let me know in the comments section below. Then we have my precious Dyson.

So if you guys want a whole Dyson review, I can do that. But just to take you through it very quickly, this is the main job that you use to style your hair. And these are all of the extensions that you can apply and you can style your hair in different ways. This right over here is my hair spray. I do want to buy new hair spray because this is finished.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my dressing table. And this is a corner that I absolutely love in my entire room. This is one corner that I, I think it’s my favorite corner of all time. I can sit here. It feels like therapy. It just feels like my space. I will try to find links to all of these products. And I will try to keep you guys updated.

As when I find links I would also post them on my Instagram. If you want to check out, if you want to buy something for yourself, you can do that. And I hope you guys enjoyed my favorites as well. I tried to make sure that you guys found something for yourself through this. If you do end up organizing your dressing table like I have, let me know. If you have any other organizational tips, I would love to see those as well.

I guess while we are at it, I’ll also talk about the chair that I use. This is also the chair that I use on my study table. The chair has wheels, so I just bring it up here and then swing it up there whenever I need it. I have this fur mat placed on the chair. Otherwise, it is greenish-white. It’s kind of faded away, so I do need to get a new chair, excuse me for this.

And then I also have this pillow

This I got from Dilli Haat. By the way, in case you’re wondering, I love the whole ethnic boho kind of design going on. That’s about it. So that is about it. That was my makeup collection. That was my dressing table. And those are the products that I used. I would try to leave links to all of my favorite products down below.

So if you want to check those out, you can. If you liked the, give it a big thumbs up and leave your comments down below, letting me know what others you want to watch. Don’t forget to subscribe to the if you’re new here and click around. Explore the, see what other really interesting s that we’ve done before.

Before I leave I just want to let you know, I do go live on Instagram very often and we have a lot of chit-chats and we do a lot of Soul Talk over there. I also post a lot of OOTDs. If you’re interested in that, make sure you check out my profile on Instagram and join the family. I would love that. And I’m going to see you guys next time. Till then, Goodbye!


A professional reveals the REAL differences between Japanese and Korean beauty

A professional reveals the REAL differences between Japanese and Korean beauty

If you’re interested in Asian skincare

Sometimes you might have heard that Japanese skincare is a more sophisticated and grow-up alternative to Korean beauty. Well, in this I’m going to tell you why this statement is absolute. Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to me. If you’re new to me, my name is LET NWS ART and I work as an art director in the beauty industry.

I’ve been researching Korean Beauty for a little over a decade and here on this, I share with you informative content on Korean Beauty Trends and History, so if you’d like to be the first to know about what’s trending in K-Beauty, don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications.

A big part of my job consists of helping beauty brands produce localized content for East and Southeast Asian countries, so China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and so on, and one thing that always bugs me whenever I’m asked about the differences among these markets, is this widespread idea that Japanese cosmetics are somehow superior to all other Asian products, but especially K-Beauty products.

So I decided I wanted to make a where I debunk the most common misconceptions about the differences between J-Beauty and K-Beauty. But the first thing it’s important to understand is why J-Beauty and K-Beauty are constantly compared in Western media. Both Japanese and Korean beauty has been around for a very long time.

But it’s only a couple of years ago that Western journalists began to pit the two against each other and it all started with something called (Han Han-Ryeong), which translates to the ‘Korean Wave ban. As you might know, South Korea and North Korea are technically still at war. Well, in 2016 South Korea and the United States agreed to build a missile shield system, called THAAD, to protect South Korea from the threat of North Korean attacks.

China was not happy about this agreement

Claiming that the system posed a threat to their national security, and they started to express their discontent through a number of economic measures, like banning K-Pop concerts in China, banning Korean dramas from their national TV stations, and even limiting the Chinese imports of South Korean cosmetics.

Needless to say, this had a HUGE impact on the Korean Beauty industry, which is heavily reliant on Chinese exports. Japan looked at this drift between China and South Korea as an opportunity to revive its economy, which was still suffering from the consequences of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

The strategy worked and in 2019 Japan overtook South Korea and became the top cosmetic exporter to China. Armed with this success, Japan decided to use this same strategy to enter the Western market, where they could also take advantage of the fact that Western consumers have a very positive image of Japan.

Japanese products were already praised for their high quality and traditional elegance, so it was easy to use this image of sophistication to build hype around their beauty products. Plus, K-Beauty already introduced the concept of Asian skincare in the West, so Japanese beauty companies could easily insert themselves in the conversation and use the comparison with Korean beauty as a marketing tactic.

This is especially evident when you look up interviews with representatives of Japanese beauty brands, you can see that their marketing model is almost entirely based on comparing Korean beauty to Japanese beauty, which is something that you NEVER see Korean brands doing.

While it’s true that there are some amazing Japanese cosmetics out there

I’m not a fan of the narrative promoted by some magazines and beauty brands that Japanese beauty is inherently better than Korean beauty, so now I’m going to debunk the most common arguments used to support this narrative.

J-Beauty is based on traditional ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work, whereas K-Beauty is all about new wacky ingredients. Let me start off by saying that there’s actually some truth to this statement, however, this truth has been twisted in a way to mean something that is completely false.

The Korean Beauty Industry does invest a lot in researching new ingredients and technologies to use in their cosmetics, and overall it’s very responsive to market changes and trends. Japanese beauty companies on the other hand tend to focus on ingredients that have been used in the beauty industry for a long time.

What I don’t like about this argument is that it seems to imply that Japanese cosmetics are based on some mystical secret ingredients that are only known to Japan, when actually, most of the time we’re talking about ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin. You can tell when you look at the ingredient list of some of the most popular Japanese beauty products.

But these are ingredients that have been used for centuries in most Asian countries. In fact, I have a series on my dedicated to Traditional Korean Skincare where I talk about many of these ingredients.

Overall they’re natural ingredients that are commonly used in Asia, but there’s nothing magical or mystical about them. Another thing I don’t like about this argument is that it seems to suggest that. There are no cosmetic regulations in Korea and beauty companies. Develop new ingredients without any authority to check that these ingredients are as safe. Which is simply not true.

Korea has very strict cosmetic regulations

Especially when it comes to marketing claims and functional ingredients. Functional ingredients defined by the Korean FDA as cosmetic ingredients. That promise to have a strong effect on the human body. As opposed to a generic hydrating or decorative effect.

Some good examples are anti-aging ingredients. Whitening ingredients supposed. This type of ingredient heavily regulated in Korea. And any beauty company that makes groundless claims about their products without receiving certification.

So please don’t buy into this idea that K-Beauty products are based on nothing but fluff. Another thing that you often hear about J-Beauty. Japanese Beauty products look elegant and refined, while Korean Beauty products look childish and gimmicky. To understand why this is a silly statement, we need to go back to 10 years ago.

When K-Beauty was first introduced in the Western market, the average consumer had very little knowledge of Asian skincare. K-Beauty young people. Who already had an interest in Asia and in the cutesy kawaii aesthetic. Usually associated with East Asian culture in the West.

For this reason, the first K-Beauty brands that became popular in Europe and America are brands. That used to be famous for their cute packaging, think Tony Moly, Skinfood, or Etude House. These are not terrible products, some of them are actually pretty good. But they only represent a tiny portion of K-Beauty.

Korean beauty brands that make products in cute packaging for young people. In their teens or early twenties. And they don’t represent the Korean Beauty Industry as a whole. You can find either elegant or cute packaging in both K-Beauty or J-Beauty. It all depends on who’s the target audience of a certain product.

So when you hear people say that Japanese products are more elegant and refined than Korean products

Remember that this argument Japanese products marketed in the West for centuries. Lastly, another thing you hear a lot is that Japanese Beauty products are more reliable. Because J-Beauty has been around for longer than K-Beauty.

Both Korea and Japan have traditional beauty practices and rituals that have been around for centuries. When people say that Japanese Beauty has been around for longer. Japanese companies started to produce. Cosmetics in an industrial environment way before Korean companies.

This is not because Japan is more advanced than Korea. But it’s because of the economic development of Korea. Deeply affected by 50 years of Japanese colonialism. Under colonial rule, Japan had complete institutional control over all sectors of the Korean economy. And for this reason, almost all Korean companies that.

So when people say that Japanese Beauty companies are more reliable because they have been around for longer… It’s almost like saying that men make better politicians because they’ve been in politics for longer than women. It might be historically accurate, but it doesn’t tell the whole picture.

So in the end, what’s the difference between J-Beauty and K-Beauty? Well, it comes down to two things: Marketing and aesthetics. Japanese beauty products are developed with a more conservative approach to R&D and they also reflect different beauty standards compared to K-Beauty. In fact, it’s easier to find differences between Japanese and Korean Make-Up styles rather than in skincare.

This not created to put down Japanese cosmetics. But it was just a way to show you that we can’t judge. The quality of a beauty product simply. The country manufactured. If you enjoyed this, please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more informative content. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

lily collins day-to-night french girl look beauty secrets

lily collins day-to-night french girl look beauty secrets (1).jpg

And I’m going to walk you through my skincare routine

And I’m going to take you through a clean day to night look with a little nod to Parisian glamor. In my first step, I always make sure to spray my Beekeeper’s Propolis Throat Spray. I like three sprays because two is just never enough for me.

I love it so much because it has propolis in it, which is an amazing immune system booster. And it has a lot of antioxidants and it’s so good for a scratchy throat, which sometimes I wake up with. Next, because I’m obsessed with essential oils, I always use my Saje Peppermint Halo, which is a little touch of magic.

You go all the way around to here, to here. It really wakes you up and it really helps alleviate headaches if you ever have any. It’s a good way to start the day. Time to wash the face now. Just put a little bit in my hand. I get started to use this face scrub a little while ago. Which was amazing ’cause it starts to really get in there.

I started taking care of my skin when I was really young. I always remember my mom having so many beauty steps before bed and she always smelled so good after all of them. And her skin always looks so clean and clear.

And I know that within, you know, within my job, I have so much makeup on every day after filming and it would be so much easier to just go to bed with everything on, but it’s so bad for your skin. So I think I just became really vigilant with cleaning my skin every night. Now I’m just gonna wash it off.

Okay, now that my skin is all dry

I’m going to apply for the next step, which is a toner. I’ve always used this toner with witch hazel because it’s just such a classic. A little bit on a cotton pad. You just wipe it all over. So next I use an advanced version of Genifique serum. It has hyaluronic acid for hydration and vitamin C to fill in the fine lines, which is so great.

And it gives my skin such a healthy glow, which, who doesn’t want a healthy glow, right? So all you do is tap the top to get some of it in here. And then you just do a couple of the little drops. You apply softly to your skin and it smells so yummy, which is so good. And it feels so soft going on.

Oh, my gosh, I can already feel my skin becoming hydrated. Thank goodness. And what I love to do also, is I love to use a jade roller. Sometimes I put it in the fridge or the freezer to make it extra cold. But I love doing this because I feel like it really helps lock in that moisture for the healthy glow. I just love to do it. By the way, roll it outwards.

You never want to go back and forth. You want to do it towards the lymph nodes, and you just do it until you feel like your skin is extra set and firm. So, as I said, because my skin sometimes is a little not as hydrated as I’d love for it to be, I always love to use this spray, a Rose Hibiscus spray, which has actually a little bit of coconut water in it.

Spray a little bit, ah, sometimes it smells like I’m on a vacation, which we could all do with a little bit right now. We have to go feature our lips now. So this ultra scrub made by Handmade Heroes smells again, so good. It’s coconut sorbet that I rub it in and exfoliate all over. ‘Cause when you later apply your lipstick, you definitely want it to go on evenly.

I love to add a little bit of lip balm just before we start the makeup process to make sure my lip stay extra hydrated.

The next step before I put on the makeup is sunscreen. I love to use an Aquagel UV Expert. Actually a primer before your makeup, as well as a sun protector, which is so great because sometimes sunscreen can be a little bit goopy with makeup, but this is so perfect, it goes on so smooth. And I was shooting a movie actually in Montreal called “Mirror Mirror” where I play Snow White.

And obviously, with Snow White’s skin supposedly having to be as white as snow. I couldn’t get sunburned, which makes total sense. So the makeup artist always encouraged me to wear so much sunscreen to protect myself. And now after that, I swear by it and wear it every single day.

So onto the first step of my makeup routine, which is Teint Idole foundation, which is so perfect for a lightweight feel. It’s super versatile, which is my perfect partner for the je ne sais quoi kind of no-makeup makeup look. But it’s 24 hours long-lasting coverage as well.

So what I like to do is take this partnered with the Genifique serum because this makes it actually more of a medium coverage. And it adds back that healthy, radiant glow that I was talking about. So it’s just kind of the ideal combo. Take this, and I put about a quarter size, like this.

Then I take the Genifique serum again, do a little pop on the top. Add just a couple, whoop, of drops of that, mix them all together. And then I’m just gonna put a couple of little dots. Now, you just take the sponge. It really does feel super, super lightweight, but I know that it’s gonna give me that perfect coverage too.

Always loved fresh, clear skin

And it lasts so long, that’s what’s perfect. Something that I love about the je ne sais quoi French girl vibe of the like no-makeup makeup is I’ve always. And I’ve always been someone that’s kind of about like less is more.

I’ve always said the less you have on your face, the less there is to go wrong throughout the day. Let’s just check to make sure that I’m really blended. Okay. So now I’m gonna move on to Absolue Powder. Make sure that I am totally even everywhere. On to blush. We’re gonna use Blush Subtil.

I’m just gonna play it right here. One thing that I’ll never forget throughout the years is when I was younger, I hadn’t really fully embraced how naturally pale my skin was. And so, therefore, I wanted that kind of LA tanned glow, and I fully used tanner on my face a little too much. I had too much bronzer and I never really put it on correctly.

So I had a bit of a mishap. And I think that now that’s taught me a lot about contour and how to embrace and enhance the radiance of my skin is lighter, but also allowing the angles of my face to kind of stand out as well. So for me, the contour is kind of my best friend as opposed to too much bronzer because I learned the hard way in a lot of prom photos from back in the day.

We don’t want a repeat of that anymore. [chuckles] Okay, so now we’re moving on to one of my favorite parts of my beauty routine. It’s all about the brows. So first I’m gonna use Le Monochromatique highlighter, and I’m gonna use it in a very different way, I think, for me to highlight the brows.

What I like to do

Take a brush, and very, very lightly, swipe it across my eyelid. Ooh, you can already see some of the sparkles. And I like to make sure that I’m putting it just under the brow right there to enhance and highlight the shape of the brow. ‘Cause for me, the shape is key. And you know, interestingly enough, it’s not always something that I embraced.

Made the mistake a couple of times, one very specific time of overly plucking them. And I remember going to dinner that night with my mom, being very proud actually what I had done. And she stared at me and she was just like, “What have you done? They may never grow back.” And so from that day forward, I’ve been way more vigilant on not over-plucking.

And I’ve learned to embrace them. And for me, they’re one of my favorite qualities about beauty and skincare, because they say so much about your personality and they really help accentuate any of your emotions because your brows, as you can see, as I’m probably talking, they’re like lifting up in excitement.

I think they’re just something that’s so fun to embrace and enhance about your face. So that being said, the next thing that I love to do is brush them out. So I just like to go up and bring it over. Now we get to go onto my eyes and I use Grandiose Liner. It’s a great liquid liner, which we love, especially for this little French girl flick that we’re gonna go for.

I go in real close to the mirror and I usually like pull back my eye a little bit like this. Whoop. Flick it out like that. And now the key is matching it to the other side, which is not always the easiest. So, let’s try to see if I get it on the first go-around. All right, then you lean back in. Hold it out.

Obviously, I’m gonna add mascara next

It looks pretty good. So it’s gonna just all go out and match. But I think that right now, all I have there is the little flicks and we’re ready for some mascara. I’m going to accentuate it by using Monsieur Big mascara. I have to say mascara has always been one of my favorite beauty items.

It’s probably, this along with Juicy Tubes were actually one of my first purchases as a kid wearing makeup. I remember going to the beauty counter and picking out mascara and just feeling like my eyes just popped so much beauty. And even if I was a little bit sleepy, mascara always does the job of bringing your eyes out and open.

So I love, love, love, adding, adding some mascara. Doing it like this. I’m also gonna take that brow brush I think that I used and lightly sweep through these to make sure that they feel extra separated. Oh, I love, love, love how this mascara adds so much volume to my lashes. They just come alive beauty.

Okay, so now that we’ve done all of this, we’re gonna move on to the lips beauty. So first I’m gonna use L’Absolu Rouge lipstick. Beauty Today, because obviously we’re going for a more no-makeup makeup look and we’re accentuating more of the eye, I decided to go with the nude. And thank goodness we did our beauty lip scrub earlier.

Okay, so either you could keep it as is, which I’m obsessed with, or you can add a little bit of color with Juicy Tube on top. I’m just gonna do a little gloss on top beauty. Juicy Tubes are super reminiscent of my childhood because I remember going to the beauty counter and seeing all the colors lined up and being in awe.

It was almost like a kid at the candy store and I wanted to get all the colors

And I remember this was kind of that way of wearing makeup, but also having it be a little off, like off the radar and getting away with actually wearing it in school, which was really, really fun. And they’re super easy.

They’re super colorful, which I love. And they go on really, really smooth. They add a little bit of radiance. And they smell amazing. I like to just put it in the middle. Right. So now that we have the face done, we’re gonna move on to hair. You don’t always have to shower and have your hair look perfect to have that kind of je ne sais quoi thing.

So, I’m gonna take out my hair, bear with me. Whoo! All right, I’m gonna add a little bit of dry shampoo. I love the Detox Clear by Drybar. Just lightly spray. [spray whooshing] So I feel like that’s good for the hair. We’re on our final steps here, guys. The next one is like such a real thing that we all do on a daily basis.

It’s all-natural ingredients, which is amazing

And since I’m ready to almost get out of these and put my clothes on, you got to put some deodorant on. I like to use the Corpus deodorant. And it’s in like this beautiful packaging. Let’s go here, go here. Then we move on to hand cream, rubbing all that in.

Okay, so now we’re onto the last step before I change, which is perfume, which I love. La Vie Est Belle, which means life is beautiful in French. It just makes me miss Paris. I was there for a couple of months last year, filming “Emily in Paris,” and this just brings me right back.

So I love spraying it. It has vanilla and iris, and it just makes me feel so happy. All right, so when I spray it, I just do a light little spray on my neck. I always spray my wrist, just do a little tap. And then sometimes I spray the air. Just let it fall all over me.

Maybe imagine that I’m back in Paris, take a little travel trip in my head. So this perfume honestly lasts all day and it’s just, it has such a beautiful feel and it makes me feel like I’m in Paris all day and who doesn’t want that? Okay, guys, well, this is the final look.