If Every President Took The Political Compass Test

Every President Took

It is almost certain that

You know about and have probably taken the Political Compass Test. Despite it definitely has many flaws, it remains one of the most popular websites to quickly see where one’s values and beliefs fit on a political spectrum.
The spectrum is based on two axes, a social one, and an economic one.

The social one ranges from authoritarianism/fascism to anarchy. The economic one ranges from collectivism/communism to libertarianism/liberalism. Two of my biggest criticisms of the test is 1) that every issue doesn’t fall neatly into just two spectrums, ok?

I think you need a lot of different spectrums. The 8values and 9axes tests do a better job simply because they offer more spectrums. And 2) the questions are just not the best They are often loaded and you can’t just give a neutral response- it lumps you into a box pretty quickly. Taking the Political Compass Test for every President.

And I get it, you gotta draw the line somewhere, but that’s one reason why every time I take the quiz I get different results. It’s also a mysterious test- no one knows who exactly runs it, but apparently it was created by a New Zealand political journalist named Wayne Brittenden. Some even speculate that it’s designed to make everyone think they lean libertarian.

Ok, so yeah, the test is far from perfect, and it probably won’t tell you where you really stand politically, but screw it. Let’s have some fun with this test, ok? anyway. I’m pretty much apparently now known as the American Presidents’ history dude on YouTube, so let’s say that every President in American history was actually able to take the Political Compass Test.

I think I know enough about each of the Presidents that

I may be able to pull this off. Emperortigerstar and I chatted about this, so I give full credit to him for the idea. Now, the Political Compass test folks did release this chart: And Trump, Obama, Bush Jr., Reagan, Washington, and Jefferson are on there, but just to be safe, I’m going to take the test again for them as well.

And yes, that would require that I take the Political Compass Test 44 times, pretending I am each of the 44 Presidents throughout American history. There are 62 questions on the test, and according to my calculations, that means I will be answering 2,728 questions. Ok…crap. I better get started.

I’m Mr. Beat. I think I already said that, at the beginning of the video. But yeah, hey! The bad news is, I haven’t slept much lately…but the good news. I have the results. Ellie, could you please put those up. No, click that right there…the PowerPoint. Yeah. It’s my cat, I’m still training her to help me out with these videos. Yeah, right there.

Yes. Thank you. Oh hey, could you maybe play some music as we run through these? There we go. (calming indie rock plays) So there you have it. Now as I pretended to be different Presidents taking the tests, it was quite clear that some of the questions were specifically geared toward what’s going on right now.

Take this question: It’s a sad reflection on our society that something as basic as drinking water is now a bottled, branded consumer product. Obviously, George Washington would have no freaking idea what bottled water was, so I had to imagine what George would think if he did know what bottled water was. That’s how I answered the question.

Oh, here’s another example

No broadcasting institution, however independent its content, should receive public funding. I mean, if Andrew Jackson DID know about PBS he probably WOULD have been against it. This question was also problematic for so many of them Mothers may have careers, but their first duty is to be homemakers.

Ok so I think many of the Presidents would not only not want mothers having careers but WOMEN having careers so that question was a particularly difficult one to answer. Most of them would likely be ok with marijuana legalization, but today that seems to be more of a left-leaning position. Here’s another pattern.

If Presidents were more ideological, I tended to put “Strongly Agree” or “Strongly Disagree” more, whereas if they were more pragmatic I tended to put just “Agree” or “Disagree” more. Again, I really wish there was a neutral option. There was one big trend that I just did not see coming.

And I guess I was naive here, but I predicted that most of them would lean libertarian due to all of them being, you know, AMERICAN, and valuing things like a limited government and democracy. But boy was I wrong. Most lean authoritarian. I did predict that more of them would lean to the economic right.

Free markets and capitalism and all that jazz have been a huge part of our culture going all the way back to the colonial era. Other surprises? Most of the left-libertarian results I did not see coming…especially Bill Clinton. Also, I honestly was very surprised to see Woodrow Wilson is way up here.

Perhaps I was too biased while answering questions pretending I was him

You know what? That’s probably where I should end this analysis. My own biases definitely affected how the perception I had of how each President would answer these questions. Plus, by the time I got to Herbert Hoover, I probably got a little sloppy answering these things due to fatigue.

Regardless, this was one of the most fun videos I have ever made. So I don’t care if I didn’t sleep. Hahahahahahahahaha But what do YOU think? Let me know which ones you disagree with. This video is once again sponsored by Newsvoice. Newsvoice is my favorite place to look at the news.

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Which ones do you disagree with? Which ones do you agree with? Let me know in the comments below. Also, what is your favorite political ideology quiz, because I know the Political Compass Test is kinda lame these days. Alright, I’m getting pretty tired now. I think I’m going to go ahead and go to sleep.