How to wellness trends and mental health therapy

How to wellness trends and mental health therapy

I will be sharing my top wellness trends

I love wellness healthy communities and I want to bridge the gap between wellness research and practice. Wellness as I defined in one is a dynamic, holistic, multi-dimensional process. There are many areas of our wellness that we need to keep in check.

I really really believe that in order for us to be healthy. Community starts from the individual level and as individuals. As a society as a community if we can all work towards balancing those different areas of our wellness by learning. With these new techniques and really learning purposefully and empowering ourselves and others, we can be in a much better place.

The motto of this channel is what I want to achieve from this channel. I also want to give a quick shout out to a special friend of mine from BC who is my OOTD and set ambassador. She gives me all the tips and tricks I need to pay attention to um with my hair, my outfits and my set So thank you so much, my little friend, uh You are awesome and I love facetiming with you and I love chatting with you.

In this episode, I will be sharing my favorite wellness trends that I think will gain momentum in the years to come. I will share my favorite wellness technologies that are out there. We’ll talk about what exactly a wellness sabbatical is and how can we take it if we’re not traveling. and I will give you one wellness shot at the end of the video.

What do you think are some of the common reasons that people don’t get mental health support? Stigma, time, cost, accessibility, availability? There’s a lot of reasons people don’t want to get mental health support I started dipping my toes into getting mental health care and support in my 20s. I tried it for the very first time in my 20s. I hated it.

It wasn’t something that I enjoyed at all

I did not enjoy the whole idea of it. I think I had my own stigmas about mental health care and support. It wasn’t until later on in my life when I hit rock bottom that I met someone who changed my life. That statement is an understatement if you can believe it because she definitely 100% did.

Fone is the days when you have to go. In the office, sit in a chair and have that conversation with your therapist. Thinking back to my 20s when I first did that it was so uncomfortable. It was really weird. Mental health innovation has completely changed the game on how you can receive therapy and how you can actually embrace therapy.

Which leads me to my very first topic of wellness technologies that are up and coming in 2020. Virtual therapy apps have blown up. I’m sure these ads have popped up on your Instagram page on your Facebook page and other social media. Talkspace BetterHelp and Amwell are apps that you can download on your phone they allow you to connect to a therapist from the comfort of your own home.

Now if therapy is brand new to you I say give it a shot and see what happens. I mean you’re not going to know unless you try it. And if you can do it from the comfort of your own home why not? I personally haven’t used those apps but if I can rewind back to my 20s when I had that very weird and comfortable first meet greet with my therapist from the back.

Then I would have actually quite enjoyed having the opportunity to you know.. connect with somebody over the phone in the comfort of my own home. The other wellness technology that is trending trending trending will be the mindfulness and meditation apps. There are so many mindfulness and meditation apps you guys, I don’t really need to tell you that.

Headspace and Calm have been around for several years now. I’ve downloaded both of them. I used both of them. If you’re a fan of basketball Lebron James partnered up with Calm and he had a “Train Your Mind’ series which was pretty awesome and very lit. And so if you want to learn about mindfulness and meditation from an athlete’s perspective I say get calm and try it out.

And the third one is wearable technology

I’m sure you guys all have your Fitbits and your Apple watches to monitor your step count. Your fitness levels but there’s also a wristband called “Feel”. The technology is out of the world and there are biosensors on the wristband that basically says how you feel and the information gets translated from the wristband. An app and then you can ask to answer a series of questions to identify what emotions you’re feeling.

And it also has the ability to connect you directly to a therapist if you need one immediately. I mean come on! That is unreal. This kind of technology was never available to me and to many of my peers you know 10 15 years ago but the fact that we have it is super cool.

How many of you guys have heard the word wellness sabbatical? I heard it a couple of years ago and when I think about the word sabbatical which I’m sure a lot of you the first thing that comes to your mind is professors and academics taking a year off to do research and travel the world. Sabbatical actually goes back to biblical times and actually relates to agriculture.

Every seven years for a whole year there is no cultivation so fields can recharge and rejuvenate and so can people. How awesome is that? A wellness sabbatical is an opportunity for you to recharge re-energize. And refuel and guess what you can take all of your devices with you.

This isn’t your all-inclusive lay on the beach

Get your wristband, and get your game on kind of a sabbatical. Nope. These wellness sabbatical programs are intended for you to still do your work but in a more beautiful and natural setting. There’s an exercise on the agenda, there are healthy foods on the menu. There’s an opportunity to meditate and much more.

Unfortunately, most of these wellness sabbatical programs are not available easily to us. You need to travel to India Malaysia, Spain, Portugal, and Europe and they’re kind of spread out in those areas. So what can we do today and now with these travel restrictions to still get? A wellness sabbatical but in the comfort of your own home?

So I understand that taking a month or three months or a year off to go on a wellness sabbatical may not be a luxury that a lot of us can take right now. All of our financial hardships and many other priorities that we have in front of us. So I’ve had to think about these some other creative ways that we can still continue. A wellness sabbatical without having to travel or really invest that time to be out of focus for too too long.

It is important to recognize that even though. We can travel or may have some limitations to take a number of months off to go on a longer sabbatical it is the work-life balance that is the critical point of this whole story. If you can find that work-life balance you’re not just surviving you’re going to be thriving.

And that is what you need in order to keep all of your wellness wheel areas in check. I think in my first video I had emphasized that we need to be practicing what we are preaching. I do that myself and in order for you to really be the high performer that you want to be you really need to take this pretty seriously.

The wellness shot of the week since this is the last episode of my September series I’m actually gonna give you two.. look at that hey? The first one is super duper simple. It’s gonna cost you anything. All you need to do is grab your favorite plant, grab your favorite scent. And make a little corner of your room your bedroom your living room your home office. Wherever you are as your wellness space.

So this can be your little space

Where you can work and relax and enjoy do your homework do your project work for your boss. Whatever that is but it allows you to be in a space that’s more comforting that’s more calming and that it’s just more relaxing. The second tip I want to give you is about getting the right therapist for obtaining mental health therapy.

Now with all these apps and technologies available. It might be really easy but also overwhelming to pick the right therapist. Most of the therapists do have a bio, some of them and therapists now even have Instagram accounts and Facebook accounts so you can check them out.

So do your research to find the right fit. It is literally like a jigsaw puzzle you need to find the right fit so you can both work together to get to the goals. I will help you be the best version of yourself. It important that you find the right fit . Because then you feel more comfortable that the cost of this adventure is actually worthwhile.

Now, most therapists these days have a sliding scale and offer a free maybe five or ten-minute meet and greet. I say take advantage of the meet and greets. It is really important that you find the right fit. And once you do that your therapy will not only be empowering and successful to you but the relationship. You build with your therapist will be an ongoing positive relationship.

Thank you so much for watching. Thank you to everybody who subscribed. I know there’s only a handful of you that have but I really appreciate all of that and I hope to see you in October. There may be a few changes to my set in October so I hope you look forward. Because I definitely will have something new and exciting to share. And more wellness stories and research to give you in October. I’ll see you then.

Bye! Thanks so much for sticking around. Subscribe and comment below and let me know if you’ve enjoyed this. Feel free to ask me questions and share this video with your peers.  Where we will get to talk more about wellness and work towards bridging the gap between wellness research and practice.

20 Fun, Cheap Things to Do with Kids – Family Activities

20 fun kids2 .jpg


The Hot is in the Air

Yes, it kind of early October, and well Tennesseeitstill pretty hot yep. I used to always think October was crisp and cool. And it gets there, in the end, this is like the shifting season for me here in Nashville when it comes to weather.

I had Charles almost a year ago which is crazy but on October 16th I remember I got my due date and I was like just a crisp cool wonderful fall baby. Uh uh, not in Tennessee. It is still pretty hot. So what we gonna talk about are some 20 fun free things you can do with your family in the fall.

So some of you gonna be crisp and cool and everything you think about all others of you in the South still might be a little warm but it perfect because there lot still fun free things you can do outside inside all of it. But fall it a great season.

So the first thing you can do is free to go on a nature walk or find some nature trails. Look in your area. They are everywhere. Okay, just Google where you are and just say okay find some get your family involved, and go on a nature hike. Number two goes camping in your backyard.

Yes, this is Something Kids Love

If you have a tent or if you do; you can maybe borrow just put up in the backyard. Literally, your kids will talk about it for days. Number three make and jump into a pile of leaves. This is like every kid’s dream seriously. I feel like every kid loves the idea of jumping into leaves.

And if you’ve done it as an actually kind of gross I feel like.I;m like there just like the bugs like crunched sleeves all in your hair and on you. It kind of itchy.Like rolling down like a hill with grass. It just looks magical as a child but then it just all itchy and weird. But like kid love it.

So do it because you know what about the memories people and leaves are free. So put a big pile together jump intake some pictures great. Number four bird-watch.We have this cheap bird feeder in our backyard like bluebirds and cardinals which are redI mean all these kind of exotic looking birds come on our little dang bird feeder and itso fun.

My kid, they love it. They love seeing the birds. They love seeing I mean squirrels come too and eat itso it not as fun but like all the birds itso crazy. And Winston he might kill me for saying this knows like every tree the name of like basically any tree and any bird.

So Like he Always is Like Oh Yeah that Chickadee that Female

I was like how do you know this stuff? So maybe you can become a bird expert like Winston and just be really smart. He knows all the things. Number five hayrides.

Oh, this is a classic fall thing. So people do this in their communities may be a local church is doing it but if there are hayrides around again for the kids they love it. So go do that as a family. Number six a pumpkin patch Family Activities.

Now sometimes this takes a little fee to get in some places charge for you to like walk around and then they charge you to actually buy a pumpkin. So maybe skip out on buying the pumpkin there. You can go buy at the grocery store find a cheaper place but just walking around a pumpkin patchtherejust something about it Family Activities.

It like Christmas time and you go and you like walkthrough like all the Christmas trees like picking your own if you buy real trees, you those people. It just kind of brings in the holidays. And same with pumpkins. Like just go and just smell the fresh fall air in a pumpkin patch.

Dance Party

I am telling you kids this is what I’ve learned it like the small things in life that they just love. So do they love like a nice trip to Disney World? Sure. But do they also love when you like doing dishes you guys just like blast music and you just dance around? I mean my girls are obsessed Family Activities.

They love it so much. So just do it. Just you know relax a little. Have a little dance party. Number eight carve a pumpkin. Yes, that little pumpkin that you bought not at the pumpkin patchbut at the grocery store you know carve it. And this is one thing.

If you not creative like me this is a tough thing to do. Every pumpkin I carve it just kind of looks crazy. And I know they supposed to some of them look crazy but like mine never look good. So get a Sharpie test it out but again fun memories.

Number nine the San Diego Zoo has live cameras on all the animals. So if you are in an area in the country that it is too cold right now to go to the zoo you can actually pull up a link from the San Diego Zoo and watch the animals on your TV.

Effects of the Novel

Again not like you actually there but something to do and it free. Number 10 check out the Novel Effect app. So this adds music sound effects character voices to all your kids; favorite books. So so fun really really interesting.

It makes it really exciting. Number 11 another way to kick up storytimes to watch astronauts read children’s books from space 12 hosts a silly (or scary) movie marathon. If your kids can watch like two movies in a rowyougonna be like the coolest parents ever.

So pop popcorn does s; mores just have some family time and watch some movies. Number 13 plan a Friendsgiving. These are the best. Thanksgiving dinner is great. It usually with your family. We love our family Family Activities.

We all love our families but Friendsgivings are sometimes just wonderful because it just reminds you of all the great friends you have. So plan one. Have everyone bring a dish and enjoy the festivities of Thanksgiving with your friends.

Sunday Drive Goes

Number 14 goes for a Sunday drive. This is something I did growing up and apparently because I asked a few people here would go walk through houses like on Sundays as kids like with my parents. They would like to find a house for the top of the sales and like go into open houses.

Like we would always walk through homes. So I don’t know if it like a thing if the Ramseys were just kind of weird but that something you can do. Just go for a drive. Maybe you see a house you like hey for Fun just go in see how they decorated the place get some ideas.

Number 15 does some fun at-home spooky science experiments. You can go to science fun.organd there are a ton of great ideas for experiments that your kids are going to love. So could be a little messy so prepare yourself. But again for kids, they gonna love you for it Family Activities.

Number 16 create as; mores charcuterie board for girls; night. Yeah, you know charcuterie? We did a little video about this. Oh, cheeses and meats and olives and nuts and jams so good. Well do it for s; mores. So get creative.

Your Heart Desires

Anything that your heart desires when it comes to s; more just lay it out and have some girls over have a great girl; night. Number 17 do a backyard scavenger hunt. Okay, lists for these are everywhere on the internet. So you can do this in your backyard around your neighborhood but go on a scavenger hunt with your kids.

Number 18 gets crafty with leaves. Yep so leaves again are free people. So go get some leaves from the backyard. You can like to glue them on paper. You can like put glue on them do some glitter some stuff sparkle up some leave just a little craft idea for the kids.

Number 19 makes s; mores Rice Krispie treats. Okay, this is interesting. So they like normal Rice Krispie treats except you use Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal which is like the best cereal on the planet. I freaking love Cinnamon Toast Crunch itso good Family Activities.

So you add that instead of Rice Krispies and then you add in chocolate chips and extra marshmallows. Sounds amazing. Number 20 hosts an apple pie or chili cook-off. I make the best white bean chicken chili. And then in Nashville well-known for hot chicken.

Hot White Bean Chicken Chili and it is Literally Everyone Threatens

So now I’ve substituted my regular chicken in that hot chicken and now I have hot white bean chicken chili and it is literally everyone threatens it is This could be in a restaurant. I’m like I know itso good quote. So get some friends and sayhey let make the best chili recipe Family Activities.

Because of chili great for the fall. Itso easy to cook. You just throw in a Crock-Pot throw it on the stove or itso easy. I love simple recipes and you can exchange all the recipes. Number 21 last but not least keep it simple and have a family picnic in the park.

Yes, go find their playground in your are even just a big grassy field just taking your family out of the norm of doing things even mealtime when it just so monotonous sometimes just breaking that and doing something different your kids will love it. So this just proves you can have fun with your family and it can be cheap or even free.

So you don’t have to break the bank this fall. So I would love to hear from you guys on what you love to do during the fall that is free or cheap or inexpensive the above we’ll get some ideas flowing and fall of 2020 could be the best fall yet.